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Friday, February 26, 2010

Expectation Has Color

Expectation has color. I realized it recently when I started to notice a hint of color while driving. Just a hint. It was not grey, green and brown everywhere. First, it looked like a subtle shadow. Then, it got more prominent. I started to watch several trees along my way which began to turn pinkish.

Do you remember these cherry trees ? They had dramatic burgundy outfits last fall (
Neighborhood Walk, sixth picture from the top ). Here they are, awakening and hurrying to cover their winter nakedness.

Soon, all of these trees will turn to a pink cloud, bright and luxurious. But, there is still some time to enjoy these miraculous moments of unveiling wonder.

The tree on the left (the picture below) is just beginning to reveal its spring pink. Heather is way ahead:

Actually, I liked it more when the heather was just beginning to show its spring color:

Purple caught me unprepared. I noticed this pile of purple blooms suddenly, when the flowers were already fully opened:

I was not the only one who got excited during a recent walk in the neighborhood. However, my dog's excitement was not about the pink color:

Here it is, our friend from the post Images For You .

What color is your expectation of spring?

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gazebo (Garden Elements. 1.)





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Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to Pick When There Is Nothing To Pick From

Diana from Elephant's Eye suggested I should write a brief post about how we can do picking while Blotanical is undergoing some remodeling and we can't see the lists of posts.
There might be other ways, but I follow this process.
I know whose posts I want to read. For example, it could be my favorite blogs or some new blogs.

First way:

- Go to the blogger Blotanical plot and click on "My Blogs"
- Under the blog's name, click on the last post's name highlighted in blue. The page with a Pick button appears.

Second way:

- On the main Blotanical page, click on "Search Blogs"
- Click "Search Bloggers By Name"
- Select Blog to Locate (click a red flower on the map, then click the blog's name)
- On the right side of the screen, you'll see "Current Posts", 5 of them.
- Click on the post's name, it'll open with a Pick button.

Good Luck!

Wait! Before running to do your picking, don't forget to water your plants!

Be careful while taking pictures of birds!

Have a great day!

The pictures above are taken from the Internet. Thanks to the authors.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Imagine An Unhappy Bear

How would you feel if you didn't get what you are used to having? Would you be happy without your morning coffee? What? It hurts even to imagine that? Sorry. Let's imagine how a bear feels without a hibernation period. Unrested, upset and dangerous. Could you picture an unhappy bear? Good. Now, put me in place of that bear. I grew up in an area where winter lasted 5 months. Suddenly, I have this winter which is mild even by Pacific Northwest standards - warm, wet and green. Embrace yourself: I'll show you a couple of the most wintery images we had this so-called winter.


Light frost, that's it. It was time to think about spring and spring plantings, and I was still craving for some, at least short, white period of hibernation. The mournings about heavy snowfalls coming from other states and Europe just made me more miserable. So, the decision was made: if I don't have snow, I need to find it. Thus, off we went to Mount Bachelor in our neighboring beautiful state of Oregon.

We couldn't stop noticing how different the scenery looked in comparison with previous years. Even Mt. Hood didn't look very ski-friendly. There wasn't enough snow! Central Oregon looked nice, but snowless:

Sun River Resort, where we stayed, had only patches of snow. But, when we arrived at the mountain, our fears had gone away. There was lots of nice clean white stuff!

No, this is not Mt.Bachelor in the picture above. It's the mountain that we admired from the ski lift.

I enjoyed the lift rides as much as the skiing itself. There is such beauty around!



Isn't it a wonderland?

I can even say that I've done some bird watching. The bird sitting on this giant tree was huge. I couldn't say if it was a crow or a raven.

Now, can you see two birds on that tree? If the line to the ski lift was longer, I probably would have seen three birds, and four or five, but the lines were short and moved fast.

While skiing down, I was admiring the trees with snowcaps on them.

Trees are majestic even when they are not alive, aren't they?


The sun was setting. There were no crowds, no lines to the lifts, and we had several slopes just for ourselves.


Cross-country skiing was just as enjoyable as downhill. Being in the magnificent silent forest for several hours was very therapeutic.

Although, I should admit that I was thinking about meeting a bear and tried not to go too far into the forest.


So, there is nothing left from my snowless winter blues, just this blue color in a snowcrack in the picture:

The Russian bear is happy. She saw the real winter.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Garden Dining. Old Post

Skiing is good at Mt.Bachelor in Oregon. I did both downhill and cross-country. While having a break, I'm reposting my post showing what great snow we had last year in our place in Washington state. We have NO SNOW this year, so the garden restaurant is closed and I had to go to Central Oregon to find the fluffy white stuff. I'll post the pictures upon my return, so far please enjoy last year's menu.
Valet parking is available:

Complimentary Drink - Frozen Margarita With Sault:

A Prelude in Sea - Fresh Oysters (Hood Canal):

Essence of Onion Soup:

Featured Vegetable - Cabbage. Chilled:


Main Dish - Hot Dog (Organic.):


Anthology of Desserts - Snowcone:

Fresh Local Pear:


Your Server - Bahus:


Outside Seating is Available:


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Copyright 2010 TatyanaS

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