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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Look Back at My August Garden

It looks like everything was blooming early this year, and in June and July, I was wondering if anything was left to bloom in August. Well, my worries were in vain. August was colorful and bright.

Starting from the front. Agaves feel good here with morning and some afternoon sun. 

Eucomis (Pineapple Lily), above, my buy from last year, got out surprisingly late, so the plants are still small.

Hydrangeas carried their blooms from July to August, providing enough bouquets for garden tables and indoors.

Dichroa fibrifuga, below, moved from place to place during the past several years, finally, approved a spot with no fir trees' roots that suffocated it in its previous locations:

Oakleaf hydrangea with its huge white clusters has a long show:

It is fun to watch grape vines spread and provide a Froggy with a shady canopy:

Brand new in my garden, one of the Echium varieties from Annie's Annuals:

Salvia 'Black and Blue' is getting distributed around the garden from the mother plant in the terrace garden:

Japanese Anemone clearly likes my garden. Some plants are from catalogs and some are from my gardening friend (Thank you, Karen!). They spread willingly. It's good that they can be plucked out easily:

Three Abyssinian Bananas, which overwintered in the garage, are getting better and better:

Hollyhocks take care of themselves reproducing from year to year:

Marhta Washington Geranium spent several winters in the garage:

Usually, I don't plant many annuals. But what a lovely addition to the plant beds they are!

Hummingbirds entertain us every day. I bet they tasted every single flower!

I'm pleased with how well Abutilon settled in my garden. Both plants are turning into tall bushes with non-stop blooming throughout the summer:

Agapantus plants provide more and more blooms every year. Most of them came from Windcliff:

This Agapantus probably needs to be moved. Gunnera is getting bigger and shades it:

Gunnera is a star in the garden this season.

Fuchsia Hawkshead:

As in July, Nicotiana is growing, spreading and blooming vigorously, thereby changing the whole look of the Terrace Garden:

Weigela 'Wine and Roses' blooms a second time:

My Joe Pye Weed requires pinching and staking. If not, it gets into a horizontal mode:

Containers were moved closer to each other for easier watering:

Hibiscus doesn't like our acidic soil, thus it grows in an urn.

The Ilex hedge, on the left of the next picture, grows higher and higher, and I'm keeping an eye on it. Otherwise, it can eventually block the view from the window:

For the first time, we encountered a big Mole Problem in our garden.
This picture is nice, isn't' it?

And, this is what's going on in the front lawn, as well as in some other parts of it:

It's a war!

Amur likes to lie down on the warm soil of the Dry Garden:

Kenai is happy. His favorite plants are grasses, an addition to his dry food.

Couldn't stop taking pictures of these little plants:

Liathrus is fading by the end of August:

The same parts of the garden but later in the month

Erigeron is one of my favorites. It grows well both in containers and in the soil.

Do you see a single little plant of Silene armenia, above on the left? It was time, several years ago, when it grew in a big patch in the Terrace Garden. Then, it disappeared.
It was such a pleasant surprise to see it again! I hope it will seed!

First Hellebore bloom of the season:

The Ilex hedge looks better than shown before! Just because it's clipped!

Faded hydrangea bouquet hints that it's the end of August already:

This rose bush competes in height with Mr.Lincoln. Its flowers float so high, that it looks from afar like they grow on the nearby trees.

Floribunda never disappoints me:

Flox joins it in August

Anemone Honorine Jobert doesn't spread as fast as the pink variety that I have, but it's welcome to do so:

The single reddish leaf on the young Japanese maple tells that fall is close:

Thank you for walking with me through my August garden. Enjoy your September gardening!

***Copyright 2016 TatyanaS

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